Vendor Information

Vendor Set Up Time is any time after 12Noon on the Friday of the market. 

All vendors must have a valid and current sales tax permit/number issued from the State of Tennessee.  Permits can be purchased in the Market office.  Yearly permits are available for $45.   Monthly permits are $5 per month (limited to only two $5 permits).  Quarterly permits sold.  Proof of permit/number is required prior to set up.  It is the vendor's responsibility to make sure they have a valid permit/number.

Inside spaces are 9x10 and rent for $73 for the weekend. 

Pavilion spaces (covered, not enclosed) are 10x12 and rent for $65 for the weekend

Outside spaces (all uncovered) spaces are $40.00 for a 10x20.  Prices above are for all three days.

You must be present and have booth open at all advertised show hours, if possible.  There are exceptions for Friday nights!  

Hours are: Friday - 5pm to 8pm................Saturday - 9am to 6pm...............Sunday - 9am to 5pm.  

There are not one day set ups and there is no subletting of spaces

Tables can be rented for $7 per for the weekend.  You are also allowed to bring your own.  No reservation is required in advance for tables.

Chairs are not available for rent - please bring your own.

Electricity is available for $6 for the entire show and not priced by number of cords, etc.  Cords are not provided -- please bring your own.  You are responsible for running your own cords and they must be covered and/or taped down with at least 4 inch wide tape or covering.

RV Hookups are available behind the grandstand for $10 per night.  Water hook-ups are not available during winter months.

All dealers are required to sell merchandise that the customer can purchase and walk away with.  Booths are not rented for advertising and promotional information.

All vendors are responsible for disposing of their own trash/boxes in the dumpsters located on either side of the building.  Please break down boxes before putting them in the dumpster.  No trash should be stacked beside small cans located thru out the Fairgrounds.

Vendor's booths must remain open until at least 4:30pm on Sunday.  No exceptions. In the event of an emergency, please notify the office.

There are no refunds.

There is a $30 charge for all returned checks.

If in the event you need to cancel a show, call the office and, ONLY in the case of a dire emergency, will your money be rolled to the next available show.  Same spaces will not be guaranteed.  Basically, there are NO rolls.  We only have 10 shows a year!

No sale of counterfeit merchandise is allowed and an affidavit must be signed agreeing to this -- forms in Office.

A "Hold Harmless" agreement is also required to be signed.

All knives must be in an enclosed display case.

No selling knives/BB guns, etc. to anyone under the age of 18.  If under 18, a parent must make the purchase.

No animals are to be sold.  Vendor's pets must be in a carrier/crate at all times.

No smoking is permitted in the building.

Vendor parking is across the covered bridge (south end) -  the south lot - the grandstand area in the back or the top north lot.   

Do not double park -- no excuses.

Do not park in the front parking lot -- that is for Customers only.

No trailers can be dropped off at the Fairgrounds prior to 8am on the Friday of the show.

Flea Market Offices closes at 12noon on Sunday afternoon of the show.  All pre-pays for the next show must be in by this time or spaces

 will be forfeited. 

The flea market mailing/payment address is:  P.O. Box 381393, Germantown, TN 38183  The physical address of the market is 800 South Highland Street, Jackson, TN  38301.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call Peggy Mullikin Adams at 901-755.6561.